ыстық сатылатын ұсақ сужетімді керамикалық плитканы кескіш

ыстық сатылатын ұсақ сужетімді керамикалық плитканы кескіш

CNC waterjet ceramic tile cutter is the most flexible and cost-effective cutting machine available. As a cold-cutting process that eliminates slag deformation and dross wast--unfortunate effects found in plasma and laser cutting process. Moreover APW small waterjet cutting machine enable you to cut a variety of applications with ease. Whatever the shape, dimension or material, our easy-to-use software makes the job easy.

Өнім Сипаттамасы

There are four parts in our small waterjet ceramic tile cutter . They are intensifier pump; cutting table; CNC controller and Auto abrasive feeder.

A small waterjet ceramic tile cutter is made up of 4 key components, that is Intensifier pump; Cutting table; CNC controller; Auto abrasive feeder

ntensifier    PumpMax. water pressure410Mpa
Үздіксіз жұмыс қысымы360-380Mpa
Max. oil pressure20Mpa
Motor power37KW/50HP
Cutting water inlet pressure0.3Mpa
Cooling water inlet pressure0.3Mpa
Нәр беруші380V/50HZ/3PH
Макс. ағын жылдамдығы3.7L/Min
Oil tank volum30Gal.(114L)
Кесу кестесіStructural styleCantilever style
Кесу алаңы2000x1000x150mm
Max. moving speed for X/Y-axis6000мм / мин
Max. moving speed for Z-axis1000мм / мин
Load bearing500kg/ Squre meter
Бақылау дәлдігі0,01 мм
Cutting accuracy0,1мм
Нәр беруші220V
Way of driveAC Servo
X/Y-axis structureAluminum structure
Кесетін басMode3-axis
Max. orifice diameter0.33mm
Max. nozzle diameter1.02mm
Z-axis step motor0.9N.M
CNC контроллері15 inch LCD monitor
DXF және NC код файлына қолдау көрсету
Software: Windows XP
Resistance of the shoch and electro-magnetic
                                              The key function
Forward & backward processing functionТіпті қарқынмен басқару функциясы
Шағын доғалар жылдамдықты автоматты өңдеу функциясыШеңберді өңдеу функциясы
Жартылай және тегіс өңдеу режимдері
Abrasive FeederMax. inlet air pressure0.6Mpa
Min. inlet air flow0.028m3/min
Abrasive capacity225KG
Кептелістер мен бұзылулардың алдын алатын ауа клапаныӨздігінен тығыздау
CNC қосалқы функциясымен автоматты басқаруSlightly adjust the flow

Dual-Core Waterjet Debut

APW pioneered “Dual-Core” waterjet, which integrated SIEMENS motor, imported REXROTH hydraulic pump and hydraulic valves assembly, American A&V intensifier, American high pressure tube and stainless steel water tank. This dual intensifiers design (for mini waterjet cutting machine ) represents another landmark in APW history.

They has been widely used in all APW waterjet series. UP to now, APW is still the only waterjet manufacturer holding this advanced technology in China.

Imported components

We adopt the imported components (for mini waterjet cutting machine) like Rexroth hydraulic pump; USA intensifier; Siemens motor; Omron PLC; Yaskawa servo driver, Yuken direction control valves etc. The whole parts of intensifier is assembled in USA (not just some parts), most of the smaller parts are also imported from USA to ensure its good stability during cutting, durability and long working service life.

The features of small су ағындарын кесетін машина

1. It does not cause heat effect or deformation or tiny cracks

2. It can cut any complex and flat figures

3. Narrow kerfs

4. Smooth incision

5. Minimize dust and toxic fumes, provide healthier working environment

6. It can be adjusted easily and quickly by the designs and materials

7. Low processing cost in unit time.

8. Components are avoid water permeate the composite materials

9. Drilling holes to avoid water permeate the composite materials

10. Reduce setting time and fixture cost

The cutting speed for small су ағындарын кесетін машина

The cutting speed of small water jet cutting machine varies depending on the material, thickness, desired cut quality, water pressure and the machine itself configuration, Generally for APW waterjet, you could find the following speed just for your reference.

  МатериалҚалыңдығы (мм)Cutting speed of 300Mpa pump(mm/min)Cutting speed of 380Mpa pump(mm/min)
Glass Brick12800960
Glue Chipped Glass10450540
Glass Fiber

Reinforced Plastic


Жиі қойылатын сұрақтар

1. What are the benefits of purchasing a mini waterjet comparing CNC plasma or a laser ?

Small water jet cutting machine can cut almost anything – from metal to stone to glass to composites to ceramic.
Laser and plasma cut with heat, and so can only cut materials that have the right thermal properties. Metal is almost always the target material in industry for these heat-based processes. And mild steel is almost always the metal that is cut by them. In addition, plasma can only cut things that are electrically conductive. To optimize laser and plasma cutting, change to gasses is required. No change to waterjet parameters, except speed, is usually required for any material.
Mini water jet cutting machine can cut very thin and up to 150mm (sometimes more) of any metal, glass, stone, composite, etc.
Laser cuts very thin and up to 20mm.
Plasma cuts from about 25mm up to 30mm.
Edge finish
Nothing cut by a plasma or laser will be as high of quality of an edge as a mini waterjet cutting machine. We leave behind a smooth edge. No heat affected zones or mechanical stresses are introduced. The plasma and laser cut with heat (we cut with supersonic erosion). Plasma and laser therefore will leave behind a heat affected zones, mechanical stresses, and especially with plasma, dross 'drips' on the edge.

Please contact us for more information of our су ағындарын кесетін машина.

2. What kind of material does your mini waterjet cutting machine can cut?

There are plenty materials our mini waterjet cutting machine can cut , such as metal stone glass foam plastic rubber, ect.
4-axis was professionally designed for mable pattern and medallion.
5-axis was professionally designed for 3D materials.

3. What's your мини су ағындарын кесетін машина's max.cutting thickness?

The max.cutting thickness of our мини су ағындарын кесетін машина depends on the materials you cut .
Generally speaking, the thickness of our mini waterjet cutting machine can be up to 150mm, virtually Z constraint is the only limit to thickness.

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