металл машина cnc плазмалық квадрат түтік кесетін машина, cnc құбыр кескіш

cnc плазмалық түтік кескіш

Өнім Сипаттамасы

Metal MachinerySquare tube plasma cutting machine/plasma cutter KR-XF4

Қысқаша кіріспе

KR-XY4 Simplify square tube cutting machine,special designed for cutting small diameter square tube,rectangular tubes and round pipes,can cut off, open holes, slant cut...etc to finish simple cutting process,can not bevel.

Widely used in agricultural machinery, elevator industry,steel construction, fitness equipment,light pole fabrication, mechanical engineering industries,etc.

Support 3-D Lap Joint of Pipe Truss,configurated with ( IPC ) Taiwan Advantech industrial personal computer.

Technique Data

МодельKR-XF4  Square tube CNC cutting machine


Cutting shapesSquare,round pipe,rectangular
Round pipe cutting diameter range50- 300mm
Square tube diameter range50-200mm
Tube cutting thicknessMax. 10mm
Tube cutting length6m
Кесу әдісіПлазма
Плазмалық кесу жылдамдығы10-2000mm/min
Жылжыту білігі10-6000mm/min
Cutting accuracy±0.5mm
Plasma anti-collision systemИә
Машина мөлшері7*1.8*1.5m
Машинаның салмағы1000кг





Main components    

Plasma power source : hypertherm 85a
Drive motor: Japan AC Servo motor
CNC Controler : ( IPC ) Taiwan Advantech industrial personal computer
Software system and software: KASRY pipe apply software
Жұмыс жағдайы
Сығылған газдың жұмыс қысымы0.7mpa-дан жоғары
Require gas flow of plasma4500л / сағ
Жұмыс ортасыVentilation ,no concussion
Power wattage15KW
Газ түрлеріАуа

control system

-Support the development of PIPE application systems in AutoCAD platform.

Using AutoCAD, a key automatic to generate cutting code - G code, only 3s to output one tube, high working efficiency.

-For others,usually 3-4 people finish G code out put/in put, while this machine one people can easy operate it .

- With the powerful graphics capabilities of AutoCAD, integrate pipe cutter software functions to generate standard G-code and connect to the multi-axis KASRY 16.5 pipe cutting system to achieve any interface cut.

- Support a variety of modeling, support tube, arc tube cutting.

Simple modelingThrough the center line, easy to establish a circular tube, arc tube, square tube, rectangular tube, plate, and other components overlap space grid structure.

Arbitrary interface cut Get rid of the traditional model parameter programming, make full use of AutoCAD® solid modeling capabilities, the user can be arbitrarily established solid model, cutting out different interface type.

Support square tube, rectangular tube cutting.

Hierarchical display a variety of trace curve

After AutoCAD generated G code, each tube node, the groove, can automatically 2d expansion or 3d expansion.

Cutting samples


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